If you think the pizza is amazing , you should taste the lasagna-authentic.
Many thanks to Maurizio and Luigi, the lasagna was a hit at my son’s party! It was prepared with such care – I can tell from the taste.


Del Monaco caters my pre-school everyday! They have healthy & delicious meals. The children love it and look forward to seeing the “Pizza Man” everyday to see what he has to bring them!
Thanks Luigi and Maurizio for all the yummy meals :)

Ms. Jenn

The Chronicle’s editorial intern Natalie Gill preferred the tomato pizza offered at DelMonaco, giving it 46 on 50: “I just felt it was a real, traditional Italian pizza,” Gill said. “It was fresh. This one stood out, because it wasn’t generic.”

DelMonaco customer overheard in the parking lot: “The food isn’t good… it’s ‘F’n great!”

“It’s not like home-made, it is Home-made.”

Gazette headline: Providing a taste of Italy – and home.

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