If you think the pizza is amazing , you should taste the lasagna-authentic. Many thanks to Maurizio and Luigi, the lasagna was a hit at my son’s party! It was prepared with such care – I can tell from the taste.


Del Monaco caters my pre-school everyday! They have healthy & delicious meals. The children love it and look forward to seeing the « Pizza Man » everyday to see what he has to bring them!

Thanks Luigi and Maurizio for all the yummy meals :)

Ms. Jenn

The Chronicle’s editorial intern Natalie Gill preferred the tomato pizza offered at DelMonaco, giving it 46 on 50: « I just felt it was a real, traditional Italian pizza, » Gill said. « It was fresh. This one stood out, because it wasn’t generic. »

DelMonaco customer overheard in the parking lot: « The food isn’t good… it’s ‘F’n great! »

« It’s not like home-made, it is Home-made. »

Gazette headline: Providing a taste of Italy – and home.

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